Every week of the market season, seniors are offered the opportunity to volunteer in exchange for $10 worth of vouchers to spend at any booth they choose. This program provides an accessible and meaningful way for seniors to participate in and connect with their community.  If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our volunteer page.


In a collaborative effort with neighborhood organizations, vouchers will be given to community members with need. The vouchers can be spent at any booth at the Cully Farmers Market. It is our intention to make our farmers market affordable for our neighbors. We hope that by breaking down economic barriers we will increase accessibility to locally made products and make available the benefits of a community gathering space.

The Cully Farmers Market is aware of the enormous amount of work that goes into production of local food and goods. We honor our farmers and makers and want them to succeed. Their success builds a neighborhood economy and goes a long way to stopping unwanted displacement. Providing a market place that supports local business and germinates neighborhood entrepreneurism is a key part of our mission.