Cully Farmers Market 2018  
Steering Committee - Volunteer Position Description

The Cully Farmers Market Steering Committee serves as the governing body for Cully Farmers Market, and as an advisory committee to Our 42 Avenue for matters related to the Market. 

This new committee was recently formed, and we would like to bring in a few additional members in early May. We aim to establish a talented and enthusiastic team, with a diversity of skills, experience and backgrounds represented.  
Roles/responsibilities of the committee and its members: 

  • Ensure the market remains true to its mission, and the mission of Our 42nd Ave.
  • Oversee finances, and ensure market is fiscally sound
    - Establish & approve annual budget for the market, in collaboration with Our 4 Ave, and the market manager
    -  Review financial reports on monthly and annual basis
  • Oversee Market Manager:
    - Recruit and hire a market manager, in partnership with Our 4 Ave.
    - Serve as supervisory body for the market manager, and provide on-going support as needed
    - Conduct year-end evaluation, and a mid-season performance check-in
  • Provide oversight for market operations
    - Approve business plan / strategic plan for the market, in collaboration with Our 4 Ave, and the market manager
    - Review monthly reports
    - Review and approve any proposed changes or additions to market operations and/or business plan, if necessary
  • Spearhead fund-raising efforts to support food access programming and market operations
  • Collaborate with market manager in promoting the market
  • Volunteer for at least one or two shifts at the market each year
  • Set policies and priorities for the market

The committee has 4 officer positions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Liaison to Our 4 Ave.  

Time commitment: 6-9 hours per month, on average.  

  • Attend monthly committee meetings (2 hrs / mo)
  • Review reports and other documents in advance of each meeting  (1-2 hrs / mo)
  • Work outside of meetings, as outlined in roles/responsibilities above (2-4 hrs / mo)
  • Volunteer at the market at least once or twice per season (4 - 8 hrs / year) 

Duration of committee membership: 

  • For this first round, members may choose either a 9 month term (May 2018 - Jan 2019) or a 21 month term (May 2018 - Jan 2020).
  • After that, steering committee members may be voted in for a second term if interested, and subsequent terms will be 2 years long. 


  • Commitment to the goals of Cully Farmers Market:
    ○ Creating food security by bringing healthy, affordable food to neighbors
    ○ Supporting local businesses and emerging entrepreneurs
    ○ Providing an inclusive forum for community involvement
    ○ Creating experiential opportunities for neighbors, including youth and seniors
  • Applicants with one or more of the following attributes are encouraged to apply:  
    ○ Financial management experience
    ○ Fundraising skills
    ○ Food access work experience, or personal experience with food insecurity
    ○ Experience running a farmers market
    ○ Experience working with economically disadvantaged individuals &/or communities in Cully
    ○ Deep familiarity or connections within the Cully or Concordia neighborhood or the 42nd Ave business district  
    ○ Farmers market vendors  
    ○ 42nd Avenue business owners
    ○ Legal expertise 

How to apply: 
Please follow the link below to fill out our simple application form by Friday, May 11th.
Anyone wishing to join the steering committee who prefers to talk instead of applying online, can schedule a phone call with Noelle at 503-358-2055.  

Questions? Contact Katy: