Our local farm vendors provide sustainably grown, healthy produce. Prepared food vendors source locally and seek to provide the best options possible. The market's centralized location in the 42nd Avenue business district encourages walkability and other active modes of transportation.

Affordable Goods and Services

Through neighborhood farms, products, art, and music, we keep dollars spent going to our neighbors. The Cully Farmers Market has always valued and offered affordable goods. Activities and on-site workshops offer a practical education in a wide variety of subjects. We offer up to $10 in matching funds each week for SNAP recipients as well as vouchers to senior volunteers and other neighbors in need to ensure that everyone can afford healthy, local food.  Click here to learn more about our affordability programs.

Connections with Neighbors

In addition to offering weekly produce and locally produced products, the market creates a space where neighbors come together for dinner, conversation, neighborhood news, and entertainment.  Through a wide selection of prepared food offerings and musical performances, we celebrate the diversity that naturally exists in our neighborhoods.  Our market seeks to be representative of our colorful community and provide a venue for making connections.

Benefits to Businesses

The market is more than a place to build community and relationships;  it is also an incubator for neighborhood entrepreneurs to hone their business skills by selling at the market.  Through the Community Table, Youth Booth, and rotating Craft Booth, the market offers low-risk ways to develop budding businesses. Displaying at these booths gives individuals with an idea a venue to test sales and receive valuable feedback from customers.  Local residents may also sell surplus produce from their home gardens. We work to develop a healthy community marketplace, representing farmers, crafters, and small businesses within our neighborhoods that promote growing, making, and consuming on a local scale. Cully Farmers Market also drives awareness to the businesses on 42nd Avenue by bringing neighborhood residents, as well as people from all over Portland, to the street.  Free business technical assistance and employment support is also available throughout the year by contacting Our 42nd Avenue.