Stretch your Food Dollars with Double Up Food Bucks

Get more fruits and vegetables when you spend your Oregon Trail Card SNAP dollars at the Cully Farmers Market! If you spend $10 of your SNAP dollars at the market, we will give you another $10 to buy more locally grown fruits and vegetables.

How does is work?

  • Go to the market information tent
  • Swipe your EBT card for tokens to buy SNAP eligible food
  • The Farmers Market Fund will match up to $10 a day with Double Up Food Bucks for fruits & vegetables
  • Shop at the market!

What can I buy with Food Bucks?

Any variety of fresh, dried, or frozen fruits and vegetables without added sugars, fats, oils, or salt.
Includes mushrooms, cut herbs, and dried beans. You can still use your SNAP benefits for other fresh food items,
such as meats, cheeses, nuts, edible plant starts, eggs and bread.

Visit the Farmers Market Fund website for more info!