The community table can be the first step in developing a budding business or seeding an idea. If you live in the Cully, Beaumont-Wilshire, or Concordia neighborhoods, you can sit at the shared community table for free and sell what you make or grow. Although all of our neighbors are welcome to sit at the community table, not all are trying to start a business- and that is perfectly ok with us. Some utilize the community table to trade away extra produce or other handmade items. If you do find yourself using the community table to try your hand at a new business idea, please talk to us about all of the options available through the Cully Farmers Market.


This program was developed to empower youth to become active designers of their own businesses at the Cully Farmers Market. Participants begin the program by attending workshops in production, marketing, and other basic entrepreneurial information. The Cully Farmers Market is a platform for the youth to sell their handmade goods to the public, while sharing how they came to design and own their businesses. The booth is a collective of young boys and girls illustrating the success of a young collaborative and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

Youth had their first experience selling their products at the market in 2015.  They learned skills to engage in public speaking and provide outstanding customer service.  We are proud to see our community’s youth be responsible and nurture their entrepreneurial spirits.  If you know neighborhood youth who would like to participate, please submit an interest form for the YIPIE (Youth Impressing Passion In Entrepreneurship) program.