The Community Table is First Come First Serve for selling hand-crafted, home-grown items or information sharing. Each vendor is allowed one chair and 1/2 table space (if the table isn’t full, they can spread out). Set-up is from 2-4pm. We ask that Community Vendors help with Market Set-up, if possible. Vendors are suggested to set-up their display from 3-4pm.

The community table can be the first step in developing a budding business or seeding an idea. If you live in the Cully, Beaumont-Wilshire, or Concordia neighborhoods, you can sit at the shared community table for free and sell what you make or grow. Although all of our neighbors are welcome to sit at the community table, not all are trying to start a business- and that is perfectly ok with us. Some utilize the community table to trade away extra produce or other handmade items.